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Wash Your Wig Every Few Weeks

Wash Your Wig Every Few Weeks

How to wash the lace face wig
With proper care a full wig can last longer before the race. We recommend that you buy two wigs. When you wash a wig, you need to wear something else. Generally wash your lace wigs every 4-5 weeks. However, it is important to wash your hair after swimming, excessive sweat or dirt. Because they cause a lot of chaos.

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of as much closure potential as possible from a full lace. Spray the citrus remover with adhesive and then scrub the glass until a friction occurs between the glass and the lid. Repeat several times until the recipe is cleared.

We recommend using a shampoo to loosen the circulation at room temperature with water. Mix the dish with shampoo and warm water. If it is too hot or too cold, the cover is broken. Use your fingers to release the wig and insert it into the frog. When the wig is clean, gently press the washer and dry.

The next step is ventilation. After drying the hair with a conditioner, apply an equal amount of silicone mixer to the hair. Avoid using conditioner. Wait about 5 minutes for the hair to enter the conditioner. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Make sure that the impeller is completely washed from the unit. After the knot is collected, the knot cannot move freely and the hair begins to fall out. Again, dry gently in the dishwasher. Place the wig over the head of the wig, start at the base of the hair, pull the ribbon from the comb and lift the hair with the lace cover. Avoid excessive tension. I lost my hair Use only a non-static toothbrush. Then, dry the lace wig thoroughly. Don't let your hair dry.